[Daily life] Making milk bread with Kuku baking machine Challenge 2


2023-11-17 17:22 (KST)

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Hello, I'm Min-gael.

Today, I made milk bread in a different way.

I followed a post that said how to make it was found out by watching a video of Hoya's pure beef bread on YouTube in the review of the Kuku baking machine.


1st Dough: 150g strong flour, 150g lukewarm milk, 0.5g dryist

2nd dough (bon dough): 88g strong flour, 60g reaction flour, 12g sugar, 7g salt, 3g dryist, 18g salt-free butter, 100g cold milk

The time required

About 19 hours


Strong flour, milk, yeast

The first batch of dough requires aging time, so you have to calculate the time to complete the bread.


East in milk

Add 0.5g of dryist to 150g of lukewarm milk and wait for about 1 minute, then stir with a spatula to mix.




Add milk mixed with yeast to 150g strong flour.

Mix evenly so that the powder is not visible.


the first batch of dough

Cover with plastic wrap or a lid to prevent moisture from escaping and put it in the refrigerator.

Now wait 16 hours.


Place aged dough after 16 hours into baking machine dough container.




Add 2nd batter ingredients in liquid to powder order.



Turn the 15 minute course of dough 3 times in a row, with the lid open so that the temperature does not rise.

I was thinking about whether to put the first batter first or last, but when I turned the dough, the powder was blown away.

I think I need to think about the order of adding the first batter.

After the 15 minute course, close the lid and let it ferment for 50 minutes.

The machine does not operate.


Cut the fermented dough into two halves and form.

You can refer to YouTube for instructions on how to get plastic surgery. (Link)

Put the molded dough in the dough container and ferment it for a second time.

Keep the machine closed for 50 minutes without operating.


After the second fermentation, take out the batter container and run it for 50 minutes.

Use to preheat for 10 minutes, and after 10 minutes add a batter tin and bake for 40 minutes.



Soft and delicious bread was made.

I don't want to use this method anymore because there are so many things to care about.


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